Welcome to Gruhini. The online store for Gruhini Vastu Bhandar.

Gruhini Vastu Bhandar, Kolhapur is well-known for it maharashtrian delicacies sweets and has been dishing them out for over 40 years. What began as a small inhouse operation has today grown to become a small scale industry. Even more notable is the fact that this is an all women business. The store owners are two successful food entrepreneurs Uma and Sharmila Desai who employ over 12-15 women to manufacture, pack, dispense and sell the products. In busier times like Diwali or Christmas, the seasonal employment goes up to 30 women.

Although Gruhini is famous for its spicy Bakarwadi, it does produce several other items.The food products are prepared daily from fresh raw material and the list of items has grown to nearly 50 items. Here are just a few:

Rava | Besan | Motichoor | Dink | Rajgira |

Barik (Thin) | Jaad(Thick) | Lasni (Garlic)

Patal Pohe | Jaad Pohe | Batata(Potato) | Sabudana(Sago) | Bhadang